Friday, June 30, 2006

Are forums worth it

Are forums really worth it? Will they bring you targeted traffic? In one word, yes. You will see a boost in traffic if you start posting in forums.When you're posting in forums make sure that you post your link in your signature. If you post it in the body of your post then the moderator won't be too pleased. Make sure that each of your post is useful. Don't post pointless posts to just get your link in. Posts such as "I agree" or "haha". These posts will be looked down upon. Do not directly advertise products. This seems like spam to people. Another thing, make sure the forums you're posting to are related to your website. You don't want to post on a guitar forum with a link to your pet website. Just keep in mind to post useful information, and you'll be going up the page rank in no time.
Author is Mike Morin from bring me traffic


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