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How to Make Money from your blog selling text links

I'm going to take a short break from blog traffic building techniques and discuss something that I'm sure you have already thought about - how to make money from your blog.
Okay, so not everyone wants to make money from their blog. That's fine and in fact it's not a good thing if the core reason you started blogging was to make money.
Your reason for blogging should be because you love the topic you are writing about and if you make money, as a side effect, that's a bonus.
If you intend for your blog (or many blogs) to eventually become the source of your full time income, then one of your most important jobs is to test all the different ways you can make money from blogging.
Your priority will always be to increase your traffic and provide great value to your readers, but how successful you are at earning an income will depend on your ability to maximize your monetization methods - so you have to keep testing.
And lets face it - our motivation for blogging increases when we also earn a financial reward for doing so. Imagine if each extra hour you spent on writing your blog meant for an exponential growth in your income as well - you get paid for doing something you love.
I DIDN'T PLAN TO EARN FROM BLOGGING When I first started blogging I didn't think much about making money, I knew I needed traffic before I could even think about earning financial rewards. I decided that regular blogging would have lots of rewards if I kept it up, one of which could be money, so I should focus on building my traffic for the short term and forget about how poorly I was paid (financially) for doing so.
A LONG STORY SHORT To cut a long story short I now make *some* money from my blogs. It's quite erratic in terms of how much I make - sometimes $300 a month, all the way up to my best month where I topped $2000.
I make money from affiliate programs, selling advertising, Google AdSense and selling text links. It's the last one - text links - that I want to talk to you about today.
HOW TO MAKE MONEY SELLING TEXT LINKS Just last month I decided to test out a new method to make money on my blog by using a service called Text-Link-Ads. This is a great service that connects people who want to buy text links on other sites with website owners who want to make money from selling links. You can check it out for yourself here -
To be honest when I first tried this service I didn't expect much because I had tried similar services in the past which haven't brought in much money. I was pleasantly surprised this time though. I'm now making a consistent $200+ per month from it and all I need to have is eight plain text links down the right side of each of my two blogs.
HOW MUCH WILL YOU EARN? I suggest you at least try the service because it's free to sign-up for and easy enough to implement if you have a WordPress blog. How much you will earn is dependent on how popular your blog is and where you put the links on your blog. Even if you have a low traffic blog, say about 100 visitors per day, you may bring in an extra $25 per month, which will only increase as your blog's traffic increases.
If you want to have some fun and calculate how much you could earn, visit this price calculator which will estimate your earnings for you -
MAKING MONEY FROM BLOGGING I've been amazed by the potential for money to be made from blogging. Right now the Internet is experiencing a huge boom in online advertising spending. Companies are taking money they used to spend on offline advertising and investing in online advertising.
As a blogger you are a publisher, which means you have media you can sell advertising on and take your slice of all that money flowing online.
Of course you don't have to if you don't want to, but if you are like me and the idea of living a life where you are paid to do what you love, when you want to and how you want to, is a fantastic goal to work towards. Don't be ashamed to try and generate money from your blog - you can give it away to charity if it really bothers you!
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