Saturday, October 07, 2006

Heres an update from my making money online blogging journey. Ive begun to market my new website make money blogging and the blog make money online blogging
by submitting articles to ezine articles. This is the first phase in the second phase after I submitting 2 articles per day. I'll be submitting my sites to the major directories.
So far the google bot is crawling and some of the page are indexed though not the index yet for some strange reason. I'm starting to see some natural hits from the se's. Oddly enough a few of the hits have come from some unexpected search phrases. So I'm going to be looking at further keyword research along the lines of what lead the visitors to the site. So on the whole the making money blogging sites are doing ok.


Blogger Richblogger said...

Hi shane can we exchange links my blog is leave a comment on it if you approve .Thank you in advance

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