Monday, September 24, 2007

30 day challenge link love

I figured for the first link love post I have done in a while that I'd feature some of the great blogs that some of the 30 challenge bloggers have been putting up, theres some great content in these blogs and these bloggers are making money.

SO for the first blog I'd like to feature a good friend of mine.
He's a Montreal Sales professional Head hunter.
eximius personnel
eximius personnel is a Montreal Jobs Bank Employment Agency
that specializes in sales professionals.

Tags: Sales Jobs, Montreal Jobs, Montreal Job Bank, Placement Agency.

How to plan a wedding
A great blog on the pitfalls and things you should avoid at all costs when trying to plan a wedding.
Purebreed dogs
This site will help make buying a Pure Breed Dog an educated, well-informed choice.

Grilling chicken
Heres a great blog about grilling chicken and other outdoor eating tips, who can resist THAT.

What I love about these bloggers is their creativity and how exotic some of the niches are
Like this one How to Kill Fleas

I would never have of thought of this one either
How to smoke a cigar
Heres one I am gonna keep an eye , only because I own a WII. So go get your wii on!!! at


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