Monday, May 21, 2007

Indiana man cracks Google code with new software..

I hope you're having a fantastic weekend thus far...

I wanted to put up a quick post to tell you about this new product I recently came across. It's getting some awesome feedback from its community of users.

Apparently a guy from Indiana has created a new software product that makes getting high quality, one-way links, easier than ever.

If you don't know already, getting these quality, one way links is THE quickest way for someone to get a top search engine ranking in all the major engines (Google, Yahoo, and MSN).

I've been doing quite a bit of research on "search engine optimization" and while they're are many black hat tricks that people are doing to get top rankings in the search engines, they're all very short lived, and their sites eventually lose their rankings.

With that said, this new software product is the complete opposite. You see, the search engines absolutely love websites that have lots of high quality, 1 way links pointing to them. And what this software can do for you is, help you get those quality, 1 way links, faster than any other method that I know of.

You literally just enter your website details into the software. Click a few buttons and bam... you've got 1 way links pointing to your site.

It's a fantastic way to give your website a HUGE kickstart in the search engines. You can check out the software and read all the rave customer reviews by visiting below:

Directory Submitter

But, please keep this to yourself, as I'd like to keep this our secret weapon :-)


- Shane



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