Thursday, February 28, 2008

5 tips for Using Your Blog To Create An Email List

A mailing list allows you to:
1) "Recycle" your traffic by allowing you to email your subscribers with updates and bring them back to your blog over and over again.

2) Earn money by selling ad space within your newsletter. The more (quality) subscribers you have, the more you can charge for ad space. :-)

3) Start making sales overnight by sending out special offers exclusive to your list. A word of caution here though...
NEVER promote something just to make a "quick buck" because the long-term damage it can do to your repuation can far outweigh any short-term cash gain. A good rule of thumb is that if you haven't purchased or wouldn't use a product yourself - then DON'T promote it to your subscribers!

4) Do joint ventures with other online entrepreneurs who are looking to promote their new product.
5) Build an asset with real cash value The key to building a list quickly is giving your visitors or
prospects an incentive to join your list.
After all, few people will willingly give up their contact information unless you give them a good reason to do so.
Capturing your blog visitors contact information is  actually fairly simple, if you know what you're doing. All you really need to do is offer your visitors something they would want that can be digitally delivered, like an information product.

You know precisely what your blog visitors are interested in because they are looking at your blog and are therefore interested in the kind of information you have to offer.
All you then need to do is find or create an information product that one of your visitors would also be interested in.
For example, suppose you have a blog that chronicles your travels across the world and divulges all kinds of travel secrets like how to save money in different places or how to avoid scams overseas, etc. 

You would then need to find a travel related information product to use as a listbuilding incentive.
To find such a product you could either search the Internet for a travel related information product with resell rights (which is tedious) or compile one yourself (which is both
tedious and time consuming).
....Or you can just go to
On Ebay you can find an information product with resell rights on just about any topic you can imagine in less than 2 minutes and without spending more than about 2 bucks.
Offering such an information product to you visitors in exchange for their contact information will build your list at lightening speed!
Remember that the faster you build your email list and the bigger it becomes, the more money you will ultimately make blogging.


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