Sunday, April 30, 2006

make money blogging using these 9 strategies

Make money blogging in nine easy and powerful steps
1. Make Money Blogging by Selling Ad Space
2. Make Money Blogging by Blog hosting or Blog set
3. Make Money Blogging by joint venture marketing
4. Make Money Blogging by Memberships
5. Make Money Blogging by turning your post, content into ebooks or papers
6. Make Money Blogging by Swapping blogs
7. Make Money Blogging by Blog content RSS feeds and sell then as premium feeds
8. Make Money Blogging by well, asking!
9. Make Money Blogging as an Affiliate Marketer
make money blogging

Thursday, April 27, 2006

how to make money blogging

Make money blogging. Make money with blogs The Internet has opened a whole New World of opportunity for even the smallest home-based business owner.
There are countless numbers of new self-made millionaires that achieved their success on the Internet.
These new millionaires are no different from you and I.
They started their Internet businesses from the ground up, found a niche and built their success one day at a time. "Can I really make money blogging on the Internet?"
The fact of the matter is that YES you really can make money blogging on the Internet -- make a lot of money.
You must take the necessary steps to make it happen.
You must have a burning desire to succeed and the right attitude for success in order to make money blogging.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

make money blogging a traffic tip

Make money Blogging a traffic tip for affiliate marketers,

1.) Blog often, some recommend daily, I try to about 3 times a week.

2.) Then send your blog post not just the whole blog url to the Pinger,

3.) then get the individual post url and send it to Google, Yahoo! and MSN.

4.) Link to the post created exactly one week ago in some other area of your site or blog, then it's done! NOw you're all set to make money blogging

This formula works and will generate traffic to your blogger or site, or both, and hopefully will result in sales for you through the affiliate links on the blog and in no time at all you'll be able to make money blogging.

And with your blog you'll be able to Make money online through affiliate marketing

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Affiliates R Us

Make money blogging, Looking for some great affiliate marketing tips and how you make money online blogging by selling products on your blog? Then I reccomend Affiliates R Us they have some great tips and affiliate marketing product reviews.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

make money blogging with product feeds

Make money blogging
How to Build a 1,000-Page Content Site in Mere Seconds!by: Rosalind Gardner Building an affiliate web site or money making blog that sells between 5 and 20 products is relatively quick and easy to accomplish.
An experienced webmaster can put a site like, which has only 11 services, together in a day.
Someone else might spend a week signing up for the programs, designing a template, and adding product information and affiliate links.
Spending a week or even a month on a site that delivers big rewards over the years is a relatively minor investment.
But how much time and effort is invested by affiliates who sell items like magazines, garden products, posters, t-shirts or lingerie? Or, how difficult would it be to place links to music CD's, or movie DVD's on your site?
Merchants in those categories typically carry hundreds or even thousands of items.
Sure, a affiliate might want to promote only adventure movies, but his state of mind might be a ?horror' by the time he's input more than 500 descriptions, links and graphics!If the same affiliate planned to let his visitors know about the latest and greatest discounts by listing prices, would he ever get any sleep?Sure he would!By using the product datafeed, that affiliate could build a 500+ item site in less than an hour.
He could even build a 10,000 item site in less than an hour!
So what's a product datafeed?A product datafeed is a spreadsheet or text file which typically lists product names along with their categories and subcategories, descriptions, coded affiliate links, product graphic image URL's, prices and even applicable keywords.
Affiliates can manipulate datafeeds in various ways to display content on their sites. And start make money blogging
Those with programming knowledge may insert the feed into databases on their servers. Other affiliates prefer to use dynamic website templates that some merchants offer. You'll be on your way to make money blogging in no timeThese templates are completely customizable and the resulting site automatically updates itself. One company that offers a dynamic website template is ShareaSale merchant, Nature Hill's Nursery. Shawn at Nature Hills sent me a zipped package containing their template files, and I discovered that setting up a dynamic template on my site was incredibly easy to do! Using my HTML editor, Homesite 5.0, I simply added my affiliate I.D. to the file, and uploaded the files to the /Nature-Hills/ directory that I created at The site then looked and worked exactly like it does at the URL below, but with my affiliate ID coded into the links for all 1295 products! Nature Hills' Template After making a few design changes to the template, this is how it looks now at:Rosalind's Nature Hill's site, dynamic templates generally work only on servers running PHP and MYSQL. However, affiliates whose hosts do not run PHP and MYSQL can still profit from product datafeeds by building static pages on their computer using Richard Gaskin's WebMerge. Here is a site that I built using a 593-product datafeed from Candy Crate (another ShareaSale merchant), Webmerge, and the same template that I used for the Nature Hills site:Rosalind's Candy Crate Site'm terrible at reading instructions, so Webmerge posed a bit of a challenge for me to use at first. However, after reading the tutorials, asking Richard a few questions, and spending some time on the Datafeeds forum at, the software was easy to figure out. Now, with a site standard template and Webmerge files, I can build a 10, 20 or 30,000 product site in mere seconds with the push of a button. An alternative to ?Webmerge'is Mark Hendricks' and Frank Sousa's ?Secret Money Generator' software. ?Secret Money Generator' makes product datafeeds even easier to manipulate. SMG allows you to build thousands of content rich, search engine friendly, static web pages which come complete with graphics and order links with your affiliate IDs embedded in them - all in just a few seconds!So, to save time and make more sales, be on the lookout for merchants with product datafeeds. My daddy always said, ?Work smarter, not harder', and affiliate marketing doesn't get much smarter or easier than this.© Copyright Rosalind Gardner, All Rights Reserved.
Start make money blogging with data feeds

Sunday, April 16, 2006

make money online

make money online blogging
Find out how to get your blog ranked high on the SE's in just a few weeks. blogging to the bank

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Friday, April 14, 2006

runningshoes: running