Friday, October 19, 2007

4 quick basic SEO Tips for Blogs

Originally conceived to be something like an online journal for individuals has become yet another tool businesses can use to market themselves online. Web logs or blogs are now being used not just for the sheer purpose of writing, but also as means SEO (search engine optimization) experts use to increase a website’s ranking on search engine results pages (SERP).

The Biggest thing about having and maintaining a blog (also known as blogging) is that anyone can blog. What will make one blog more successful than most? simply a keen sense and knowing its target readership. Of course, it will not harm the blogger (a person maintaining a blog) to possess a few basic skills navigating the Internet and creating links to other websites and blogs.
Those basic html skills.

Bloggers today are finding that they can not only write and publish their thoughts for free, using free blog platforms, like blogger, or tumblr or wordpress, but also can find themselves making money blogging by writing on their blogs, or places like that allow you to earn money as a blogger by submitting articles.

One of the techniques in blog SEO is to create content that is keywords rich , which is basically what search engines look for in ranking web pages in its SERPs. (very basic here, bear with me)

That said, here are some tips to make your next blog an effective SEO tool.

1, Choose a Theme (and Stick to It)
Most blogs never gain a real readership because it simply is a mishmash of a writer’s thoughts, with very little coherent theme to bind the entire blog together. If the blogger does it for the sheer purpose of a journal, there’s really nothing wrong with that.

However, as an blog SEO, a blog has to have a theme and be themed that will tie all the posts (individual articles) together. This is because instead of just looking for keywords, a search engine will also assess whether the page just happens to have a lot of keywords mentioned in the post or whether the entire blog is about the topic it is searching for.

A good tip
is to place your keyword in the title of the post as well in the content body of the post.
The former will rank less than the latter in the SERPs. Given this point, it will do you well to pick a theme that you are interest and won’t tire of writing about.

2. A Place You Can Call Home
Working alongside the idea of a themed blog, When creating your blog (whether with your own domain name ie make money blogging or a free blog site, like this one here), give it a URL that has the keywords words related to the theme. For example, if you are going to blog about bonsai making, try to use words that are related to that in your blog’s URL (such as
Name your blog using words that are relevant to your theme as well. Search engines look at these things as well to determine how high your blog could possibly rank.

If you are blogging on a hosting site, it is possible to have your blog delegated into a proper category. This will help make a search engine easier to find your blog given that the category is strongly related to themes and search keywords. Squidoo is a good example of this.

On a related note, your individual posts should also be titled with words that are closely related to your theme. Again, working on a blog with a bonsai theme, one post could be titled “Miniature Trees: How to Get Started” while another one could be “Selecting the Right Pot for a Bonsai”. This will give your posts a URL that is rich in keywords, which helps in a page’s ranking on SERPS (but you already know that, right?).

*Special Note: Industry experts always recommend looking into all available options to determine the best value. One way to do this is to use a comparison service like Aaron walls Seo Book and Tools (Recommended)

3. Link And it Shall Be Linked Unto You
Another thing about blogs that SEO experts are finding to become a great advantage is the fact that blogs make it easy to link to other blogs, which in turn makes it easy for other blogs to link to you.

This is yet another criterion a search engine uses to rank a particular page in the results pages. The more incoming links it possess about the keyword in search will increase ranking status because the page shows that a lot of people think what you’ve written is a good source of information.

So when writing on your blog, be sure to take the time to read other people’s blogs and other online articles related to your theme. Create links to them so that you point your readers to more information. This will increase the chances of other people creating links that will point to your blog.

4. Keep it Coming
Since blog content is so easy to create, search engines scour blog sites very regularly. That means if you keep on creating new content on a regular basis, search engines will have to keep up with what’s new on your blog.

By regularly creating fresh content on your blog, search engines will tend to look to your blog first before others that are not maintained and renewed as regularly as you do. It helps in the rankings as well, which is the whole point of this article, right?

These tips are just to get you started on using a blog for SEO. As you go along, you’ll find more tricks of the trade that will help you push you up the ranks on SERPs. Of course realistically, don’t expect to rank on the top 3 pages on your first try. But give it a few weeks. And for as long as you keep to the tried and true principles, it may not be that far until you’ve captured a good ranking for your blog.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

How to use web 2.0 to dominate the search engines

By now I am sure you've heard the buzz about Web 2.0 marketing.

If you have been doing submissions to places like Digg, Netscape, ShoutWire and the like, you know how time consuming it can be.
If you aren't, you're leaving a lot of targeted traffic and links on the floor!

The same guys who wrote Authority Black Book, downloaded over 30,000 times since it came online less than 3 months ago, have come up with a tool that drastically reduces the amount of time it takes to do Web 2.0 promotion.

I highly recommend you check it out. This thing is saving me lots of time to do other link building and marketing I was skimping on before.

And you won't believe what they are including with this software –
THAT you have to see to believe.

It's amazing!

You can see a demo here:
Web2Submitter: Syndicate Your Content In Seconds!

Monday, October 08, 2007

Joint venture for massive trafficForming powerful, mutually beneficial Joint venture alliances

in my last post I (money making traffic strategies) shared with you my criterion for picking traffic generators. I'm looking for little work, massive results, and a viral or snowball effect! Here are the handful of strategies that make the cut.
Keep in mind that these are the only ones I use! Nothing else. And they work surprisingly well!

Are you still catching fish one at a time? I hope not.

Gone are the days where you sit by the edge of the lake with a fishing pole hoping something will bite. Don't do that! There are better, more powerful ways of doing things today.

Use a net instead! Then, go to a spot where the fish are plenty...and they're jumping up at you!
One of the fastest ways of building your customer base is to seek out mutually- beneficial joint ventures.

The key words here are "mutually-beneficial." Find marketers and business owners who already have large "responsive" mailing lists and make them an offer they can't refuse! Your offer has to benefit them as well - in a big way.

Many people have tried using this strategy. Most have failed miserably. I'll tell you why.
The problem with most people is that they are only focused on what they can get out of the deal. You'll never get it if that's what your focus is on.

When you're working on forming joint ventures, focus on the other party and ask yourself "What do they need? What can I offer them that would be of value to them?"

Sure, you can just offer the other person a cut of the profits if they agree to endorse your product to their list. But that's what everybody does! And these days, that's not enticing enough. How is your offer unique?

Here's a better way of doing it...
What if you were to create a product specifically for one marketer. Offer him/her exclusive rights to distribute the product as s/he sees fit.

The sevendollar e-book script is perfect for this. Click here to grab your copy of the seven dollar script and start promoting your offer to jv partners for massive traffic opportunities.

You don't have to create a hundred page masterpiece. Remember what I told you's not the number of pages - it's the content! You can have a 5 page report that contains solid gold. And you can have a 100-page mammoth filled with garbage.

Want to do one better? Offer to help the other party with something first.

Anything. Without bringing up your joint venture offer. Then, when you've created some value for them, you can ask them to help you out with something. (Say a joint venture, perhaps?)
Do you see how this strategy differs from what most people try to do out there?
Heck, I've even seen people requesting joint ventures by just sending a one line email note to the other person which reads, "Want to promote my product? Here's my link..." Do they really expect the other person to even respond to that note? It just doesn't work!

Be unique! Create value for them! Make it worth their while. Make them an offer they can't refuse!

Keep in mind that...although the above strategy increases your chances of striking a deal astronomically, not everyone will say "yes" to your offer. I've approached some people who just had too much on their plate to begin with and just weren't able to work with me. It happens.
Don't take it personally.

The trick is to not quit after the first "no." Forming powerful, mutually beneficial Joint venture alliances with successful marketers is the best strategy available to us. And it is well worth your time to continue pursuing joint ventures until you strike a deal or two. But, you don't have to stop there either. Get as many as you can.

Remember, you are not just seeking a one-time deal here either. You're seeking an alliance! Great ongoing business deals and friendships can be formed this way.

Note: Joint ventures and other alliances have an added bonus in that you get instant credibility in the eyes of the other person's customers. If these customers trust the list owner, you'll usually get favorable results. On the flip side, if the list owner does not have a very good relationship with the customers, it can actually hurt your image as well. For this reason, be careful whom you decide to pick as your joint venture partners.

Money Making Traffic Strategies

When you study successful people in any field - marketing, real estate, finance, investing, or anything else, you will find that the most successful individuals are those who have harnessed the power of leverage! when creating money making traffic.

In other words, they have learned how to do very little and produce massive results! In order to be extremely successful, we need to learn to do the same thing.

You should only use those traffic strategies that require little work and produce the best results. Sounds pretty simple, right?

It's common sense, really. Yet, surprisingly, it is not such a common practice at all! Especially when it comes to online marketing and traffic generation.

There are a billion "traffic-generating strategies" out there. But, only a handful of them really produce the kind of results most bloggers are after.

So, I have a question for you...
Do you want to use every traffic strategy in existence, including all the new ones that come out tomorrow? Or do you want to use only those strategies that produce massive results with little work? Strategies that have been put to the test, and continue to produce results year after year, after year?

I hope you went with the second choice. time is very important to me. Therefore, if a traffic-generating strategy doesn't meet certain criterion, there is very little chance that I will use it. And that's why most of the traffic strategies being used out there is useless to me.

Most of the money making traffic-generating strategies available to us are like dirt and rocks. I'm not interested in that. I'm looking for the "diamonds" that are hidden among this debris of strategies.

If you want new and sexy ways to generate traffic, I'm sorry but I don't have any to share with you because I don't use them.

Why? Because they just don't produce the kind of results I'm after! I don't have time to spend on setting up a system that will only work for a very short while before getting buried. It's a waste of time...and effort.

Most of the highly successful marketers don't use hundreds of techniques. Instead, they pick one or two of the best ones - the diamonds among the dirt - and they master those techniques! Sure, they'll try a new technique every now and then, for testing purposes. But, the core of their strategy usually remains the same.

This is a very important lesson we need to grasp. The newbie jumps from one technqiue to another, or worse, uses 100 of them at once. As a result, s/he remains a newbie even years later or just gets burned out. The seasoned marketer works on mastering the strategies that provide the most leverage.

Here, then, is my criterion for picking the "diamonds" among traffic generators...
For a strategy to make the cut, it has to be:
  1. simple, quick, and easy to understand & implement.
  2. high-leverage. i.e. it can produce massive results with little work.
  3. viral in nature i.e. it continues to produce results indefinitely.

If you're not familiar with the term "viral," it basically means that your traffic generating vehicle can spread out throughout the Internet like a virus. It's similar to the 'snowball effect' in that it continues to gain size (grows bigger) and momentum (moves faster) as it tumbles down the hill, without any additional effort on your part.

You should implement the "viral" strategy whenever possible. Sometimes, I will come across a strategy that only meets two of the above three criterion. However, if the result produced is substantial enough, I will still use that strategy.

There are also times where a strategy will require more work in the beginning stages but will continue to work indefinitely once it's launched. If this is the case, I will definitely do the extra ‘initial’ work to put it in place.
And, if a strategy can produce massive results with little work, but does not guarantee a viral effect, I will still use it. I can always modify it a little to produce the viral effect I'm after.

I'll explain how I do this in the next few posts.
>>joint venture for massive traffic